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Art and Culture

The history of art is the history of human fantasy, of Gods and Demons. Human imagination, makeup, costumes and ritual scenography, science…They all are fueled by the same few archetypes.

But in our species there exist restless minds, tortured souls and tireless spirits that broaden and regenerate the human race. It is the artists that make every moment of human history different from the previous ones. And it is through their manifestations that we keep on talking, dancing, feeling or dreaming.

Sulaco Labs connects countless multidimensional areas, as much as exist in the minds of its Alien Makers.

Workshop 1

​Our history

Oscar, Fermín, Guille… Our Alien Makers are not a usual team and their stories are the stories of their ancestors, of their lives past and future.

Sulaco Labs is a space where all these stories converge.


Our mission

Alien Makers place in the world what doesn’t exist, making strangeness popular, bringing precious creatures into our boring, grey worlds.

To bring to life the thrill of the unknown is an exciting adventure because we can´t yet imagine where will it lead us or what paths will we pass through: antimatter, AI, multidimensional images, collective thinking or unknown energies.

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Workshop 3

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